Xtermin8ProB - Ant Bait Stations x 2 Max Strength Killer Force Gel

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  • Ant Killer bait Stations maximum Strong Strength, for Indoor and Oudoor Use
  • 2 Pre Baited Ant Stations to kill Ants and their Nests, Destroys Ant infestations, colonies around your home or business.
  • Ants are lured to the attractive bait which is consumed and taken back to the nest to feed the other workers and the queen.
  • This powerful gel is proven to be the most effective way of targeting the queen ant and exterminating the nest.Exterminates easily and effectively without any mess
  • Exterminates easily and effectively without any mess
  • These ant stations can be used continuously for 2-3 months without replacing
  • Treatment Guidelines: before tretament remove all natural source of food for ants (waste,food scraps) from the infested area thsi will encourage ants to ingest the gel in the ant bait station
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